When people ask me why I left my former career opting for photography and radically changing area, a little less than six years ago, I often can not explain in a plausible way. Sometimes I feel that people are not satisfied with my explanations. I even find it difficult to get strong arguments during discussions among friends. Many of them still do not understand how I, who had had everything in hand, gave up and chose the narrower and less secure path.

The answer is right below. In fact this is only one of them. Since 2007 I decided to wear a suit only on Saturdays. I took the decision to register human beings and their wealth. A wise decision? I never thought I would learn so much. I was only guided by the feeling and ignorance that I have always believed to be a blessing. Also guided by my passion for people and photography, of course.

However I did not imagine I could have a hobby, a profession and a personal growth tool all-in. This is the best part.

Thank you Keite and Ricardo for the lessons of trust, good mood, willpower, partnership and unconditional love. I left the your session revitalized. Once again I am sure I did right changing careers. But most certainly is that I still have a whole bunch to learn about true love.


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