Recipe for longevity of the marriage…

Bruninha and Bola,

The role of photographer and bestman is difficult. The responsibility weighs even more, because, of course, I wanted to do the best job in the world for the two I like so much.

Here I leave some of my pictures, a small sample of the Photographer Vinícius. I also leave a text writen by Artur da Távola, stolen and adapted by the Vinícius bestman. To me it is a recipe for longevity for your marriage.

May you be very happy. I may not have done the best job in the world, but I did my best, and I am sure it will represent only one day of alasting story.

Thank you for your friendship and do not forget these images and the recipe!

“To those who are not married,
To those who are getting married,
To those who have just married, 

There are not several types of love, just as there are not three types of missing, four of hatred, six species of envy.
like any feeling, it being for the family, the spouse or God.

The difference is that, as between husband and wife there is no blood ties,
must to be continuous …

Because there is no guarantee of durability, any voice tone change weakens us, and from exigencies to exigencies, we end up burying a relationship that could

Married. Love you there, love you here. Beautiful, but unsustainable. A successful marriage requires more than romantic declarations.
Between two people who decide to share the same roof, there must be much more than love, and sometimes not even such an intense love is needed. There must be, above all,
Zero agressions.

Willingness to listen to the other’s arguments. Some patience … Love alone is not enough. There can be neither competition, nor comparisons. It takes tact to accept rules that have not previously been combined. There must be
to meet unforeseen situations, needy outbursts, childishness.
You must know how to lead it.

To love only is not much.
There must be intelligence. A brain scheduled to face pre-menstrual tensions, rejections, unexpected resignations, bills to pay.
There must be discipline to educate children, lead by example, to not scream.
There must be a good psychiatrist. It’s no use, only, to love.

Between a couple who unite themselves, in order to keep the longevity of the marriage, there must be a little silence, childhood friends, life on each one’s own, a time for each.
There must be trust. A certain camaraderie, sometimes pretend not to see, pretend not to listen. It is needed to understand that marriage does not, necessarily, mean merger.
And to love “solamente” is not enough.

Between men and women who think
there must be discerning, keep both feet on the ground, rationality. It must be known that love can be good and can last forever, but that alone it can not come up with the goods.

Love is big, but not two.
It must be known if that love is good or not, if it does no good, it is not love. It is needed to convene a group of feelings to sustain that love which carries the burden of omnipotence.
The love may be sufficient to us, but it is not to itself.

A good love to those who already have it!
A good encounter to those who are looking for it!
And happiness to all of us! “

Artur da Távola


Casaram. Te amo pra lá, te amo pra cá. Lindo, mas insustentável. O sucesso de um casamento exige mais do que declarações românticas.
Entre duas pessoas que resolvem dividir o mesmo teto, tem que haver muito mais do que amor, e às vezes, nem necessita de um amor tão intenso. É preciso que haja, antes de mais nada,
Agressões zero.

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