We are often asked how we manage to bring so many talents from overseas to come to Brazil.

How do you find these photographers, how do you know if they are really good on stage or in the classroom?

The answer is very simple: travel, invest it in workshops, for before bringing them we need to see them in action (on stage) and a good amount of persuasion to make them want to know something below the equator line.

Now the secret is to make an event in a way, just like yourself would love to be signed in. Then all the events we promote, we make from and to ourselves. We sit down to watch and enjoy every minute.

That’s how we create the event  Photo Elite, dedicated to wedding photography. Event that was sold out in one week and that made us, three days ago, set up an extra class. It is the workhsop I would like to attend, which will bring together various talents per square meter.

My dear readers,  Photo Elite Extra  will also sell out, therefore those who are interested send an e-mail and take advantage of payment terms for the first batch, which is already on to end.

Send e-mail to [email protected] or call (31) 3264-6262

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