Outburst: Open or not open the door

Outburst: Open or not open the door

The day before yesterday I was a little upset. I know I had no such right, but some feelings are uncontrollable. Some people who work around me, intelligent people with good character, with plenty of talent, are losing opportunities in their lives. Those who usually do not come back, you know? On the same day I received a text from a friend. I found reading it very rich, very rich indeed. It’s worth reading it and so here I share it with you, my reader.

Open or not the door

In a land at war, there was a king who caused astonishment. Each time he made prisoners, he did not kill them, he took them to a room where there was a group of archers in one corner and a huge iron door on the other, in which figures of skulls were carved.

In this room he made them stay in a circle, and then said:

▬ You can choose to die by my archers, or pass through that door and by me there be locked.
All who where there chose to be killed by the archers. At the end of the war, a soldier who has long served the king said to him:

▬ Lord, may I ask you a question?
▬ Say it, soldier.
▬ What was behind the scary door?
▬ Go and see.

The soldier then slowly opens it, and realizes that as he does it, sunshine enters and clears the environment until it fully opens, he notes that the door led down to a path that would go toward freedom.

The soldier, amazed,  just looks at his king, who says:

▬ I gave them the choice, but they preferred to die than to risk opening that door.

That is why I call it the door of fear. The fear always does something seem worse than it is, bigger than it is, but if we decide to face it, we realize that fear is what makes things look bigger than they are in reality and that the real tragedy is created in our minds due to fear.


▬ Courage is not absence of fear, it is resistance to fear.

It is okay to feel fear, what we can not do is fail to act because of its existence… Fear paralyzes, it prevents us from doing what is needed to be done.

▬ How many doors do we not open for fear of risking?
▬ How many times we lose the freedom, just because we feel afraid to open the door to our dreams?

“Real difficulties can be resolved, only the imaginary ones are unsurpassed.”

Theodore N. Vail.

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