May the power of fear that I have
Not stop me from seeing what I long for;
May the death of everything I believe in
not cover the my ears and mouth;
Because half of me is what I cry out loud,
But the other half is silence…
May the music I hear in the distance
Be beautiful, though sad;
May the woman I love be always loved
Despite the distance;
Because half of me is departure
But the other half is longing…
May the words I speak
Not be heard as prayer
Nor repeated with fervor,
Only respected as the only thing left
To a man sank in feelings;
Because half of me is what I hear
But the other half is what I shut up…
May my will to leave
Become the calm and peace that I deserve;
And may the tension that eats me from within
Be one day rewarded;
Because half of me is what I think
But the other half is a volcano…

May the fear of loneliness fades away
And may living with myself
Become bearable at least;
May the mirror reflect in my face
A sweet smile I remember having in childhood;
Because half of me is the memory of what was,
The other half I do not know…

May it not take more than a simple joy
to make me quiet in the spirit
And may your silence tell me more and more;
Because half of me is shelter
But the other half is weariness…

May the art point us an answer
Even if it does not know
And may no one try to complicate it
Because it takes simplicity to make it bloom;
Because half of me is audience
And the other half is song…

And may my madness be forgiven
Because half of me is love
And the other half… as well.

Oswaldo Montenegro


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