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For nearly two years, I, through the Escola de Imagem, have brought some of the photographers who inspired me, and still do, in my career as a wedding photographer. Fer Juaristi (long before consecrate himself in the two versions of Wedding Brazil), Ed AtreroIrwin Darmali (Apertura) have been here already, and now it is time for one of the photographers who still inspires me a lot, Sergio Photographer.
A Mexican, humble, with extremely good will and very talented guy. One of the international wedding photography icons, who has given workshops and lectures in various countries around the world, arrives for the first time in Brazil.
Sergio owns a unique style. In my opinion he is a master of the OFF CAMERA flash and also a master storyteller. He is today one of the FOUNDATION WORKSHOP mentors, one of the best workshops I have done.
He comes to the topic of Wedding Photography with a relaxed, quiet and pretty straightforward way. He photographed his first event in 2003, when he dropped out electrical engineer life and decided to become a wedding photographer. Even the smallest details.
I first met Sergio 3 years ago. With all my brazen face, being a great fan of his work, I sent him and Fer an email asking to indicate me in the ISPWP. They were very open and indicated me. That was the beginning of our friendship, which today is what brought Sergio to our country.

My goal with this whole story is to learn, since I will be one of the students, and moreover bring to our country and our wedding photographers excellent references. You can be sure that he is a MEGA reference and has my full endorsement, for beyond being his friend, I have seen him teach. And what a great teaching style this Mexican has, I must say.

Whoever comes will not regret it. The workshop takes place on the 8th and 9th of June in Belo Horizonte. Interested parties should send an e-mail to [email protected] or click HERE

Do you want to get to know a little about the work of this EXCEPTIONAL photographer? Simply roll the bar and drool. I always drool over his work.

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