Dont let love pass

Don’t let love pass


When you meet someone and that someone makes your heart stop working for a few seconds, pay attention: may be the most important person in your life.

If the eyes fixing into each other and, at that moment, there is the same bright among them, beware: it can be person you are waiting for since the day you were born.

If the touch of the lips is intense, if the kiss is passionated, and the eyes are filled with water at this moment, note: there is something magical between you.

If the first and last thoughts of your day is this person, if the will to stay together makes your heart tight, say thank: God sent you this gift: Love.

So, watch for the signs – do not let the follies of the day-to-day make you blind for the best thing in life: LOVE.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade






Thank you the couple Paula and Flávio for have chosen me as a photographer for your wedding.

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