I found out one more thing I like to do. Providing advice. They say the consultants are often hired to speak the obvious. In part I agree. Whenever someone comes from the outside they are more likely to be heard than those who are in an organization or business for years. On the other hand, an outsider can see beyond, simply because of not having addictions nor being conditioned.

From this year and 2012 I will start to focus my business more on consulting, for the pleasure to be able to go deeper in some discussions and to generate profound changes is unmatched to anything.

This time I went to Farroupilha to work for 3 photographers. I met with Marlene Ferla, Cândida and Valfredo. Two days of cold, rain, ravioli soup and many discussions that have generated and will generate many changes. We talked about the business focus, about photography (of course) and sales. We planned a diagnosis and suggested some changes. Apparently things are already moving has is walking. Look what they sent me.

“Dear friend Vinícius, we spent two days exchanging information, you passing it and we receiving it hehehehe, was it not a nice exchange? Therefore we can now call you FRIEND … We really want to thank your stay here: Many thanks for the moments, for the patience, humility and kindness that with you treated us and also for upholding so many emotions hehehehe, they only you know… Honestly Vinícius, we had many expectations about your visit, but what was a lot for us became little, because all of them were very overcome. I treasure the memories of these moments. Now that the dust sat down, breathing calmer, we are reorganizing our ideas, and striving to use and give more emotion to our photographs. We look forward to another moment like those and continue with more vigor in this exciting world photography. A big hug to you and your family too. ”


“What to say about Vinícius? Friend? Yes, as a true friend does not say what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. Maybe just as King Cyrus, who delivered Israel, Vinícius delivered us from a comfort zone to feel the real emotion of photography. Thanks! ”


For those interested in such services, I am available. Just send me email to [email protected] and deal directly with me.

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