I always try to think of what I change in my photography. Lately the famous words of Robert Capa has tormented me.

“If your pictures are not good enough, it is because you are not close enough.”

That’s right, the closer the photographer is from the one being photographed, the biggest is the possibility to convey more emotion. That is what Capa meant, and I am fully convicted, he had it really really right.

Usually the barriers that prevent the photographer to get closer are placed him or herself, and not by the photographed. Especially in a wedding, where the photographer is hired and therefore they are more than welcome to the event, isn’t it? Wedding photographer is not a importor or a paparazzi.
Overcoming this fear often seems impossible, but I can guarantee that it is so much easier than you might think and it just depends on how the photographer decides to deal with it. I find it important that this photographer, often shy, take one step at a time. As the photographer get more encouraged and get closer to the photographed ones, their pictures gain more impact. Motivating huh?

I’ve already decided, in 2012 I will get much, much closer… Proximity means feeling.

(My sincere thanks to Mariana and Mauri, for welcoming me in Rosario, setting for this lively and beautiful wedding!)

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