It is in between the lines, in those very fine lines between what exists and what does not exist, that we write our story. It is always in those passages that only a few people understand, that only a few people believe in, and that many people think that it does not happen. For some simple dreams, for others just impossible. And precisely because it is impossible, because it is just a dream, because it is incredible that we live. Because we are so… within us. Believing in the impossible and writing our story. Writing it always… always between the lines; in thin lines of the real and the imaginary we construct and create the best life scenarios… of truths, dreams and fantasies. Beyond from us … far beyond the present day.

Adriano Hungarian

“Since it’s writing, may at least that the words will not be crushed between the lines. The best has still not been written. The best is between the lines. ”

Clarice Lispector

Thanks to the couple: Bruno and Diana

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