The idiocy is vital to happiness.


Boring people those who want to be serious, deep and visceral all the time. Damn! Life’s a mess already, why do we, to top it off, make a treaty of it? Let the seriousness for the hours when it is inevitable: death, separation, pain and things related.

On the day-by-day, for God’s sake, be an idiot! Laugh at your own flaws. And laugh at those who find flaws on you. Ignore what your rude boss said. Think like this: who has to carry their ugly face around every day, inseparably, is him. Poor him.

Thousands of marriages ended not for lack of love, money, sex, harmony, but for the absence of idiocy. Treat your love like your best friend, and that’s it.

Who says life is good to share with someone who has advice to everything, sensible solutions, but can not laugh when they stumble?

hahahahahahahahaha! …

Someone who knows how to solve a family crisis, but has no idea how to fill in the leisure hours of a weekend? How long since you have been to the movies?

It’s pretty common people who get really lost when the problems are gone. So, what will they do now that there are no reason to despair?

They have unlearned play. I do not want someone like this with me. Do you? I hope not.

Everything which is more difficult is more tasty, but … the reality is already hard, gets worse if it is dense.

Hard, dense, and very bad.

Playing it’s cool. Got it?

Forget what they told you about being an adult, all about not playing with food, not talking nonsense, not being immature, not crying, not walking barefoot, not taking rain.

Jump rope!

Adults can (and should) tell jokes, walk in the park, laugh loudly and lick the lid of the yogurt.

Being an adult is not losing the pleasures of life – and this is the only “no” really acceptable.

Test the theory. A week to begin with.

See and feel things as if they were what they really are:
trasitory. Wake up in the morning and decide between two things: sulk and pass it along or smile … 

The best thing about it is to problem in mind, a smiling mouth and peace in the heart!

In fact, deliver your problems into the hands of God, and how about a nice cup of coffee now?

Life is a theather play that does not allow rehearsal. Therefore sing, cry, dance and live intensely before the curtain closes!

Arnaldo Jabor


Special thanks tol Fred and  Carol!

Cerimonial: Le Cult / Maquiagem: Marcelo Freitas / Músicos da cerimônia: Ibraim Netto
Música da festa: Carlo Dee / Convites: Atelier do Convite / Decoração e Bouquet: Ellen Mendes / Traje
noiva: Rosa Clará / Traje noivo: Terno Hugo bos e gravata Ermenegildo Zegna / Traje damas: Carol Marqu
arranjo de cabelo: Carol Marques / sapatos: Ana Miranda / Lembranças: Café com Bombom / Buffet: Fla
Doces: Cintia Geo / Forminhas: Simone Gosling / Bolo: Elisa Castro / Barman: Victory / Filmagem: Wagner
Couto / Seguranças: Company / Local da cerimônia e recepção: Villa Flambart / Celebrante: Celito

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