There are things in life that do not require scientific evidence. I believe that the feelings belong to this complex family. Time to talk about affinity.

Affinity wether you get it or not. It is difucult to develop it when it does not hit it off straightaway.

Affinity is free sympathy.

Affinity is to defend someone even if that someone this is totally wrong.

Affinity precedes friendship.

Affinity makes us comfortable.

Affinity and love go together.

Affinity is to want to do something with someone.

Affinity is meeting a loved one after a long time and nothing has changed.

Affinity according to Artur da Távola …

“it’s inexplicable. The affinity is not the brightest, but the most subtle, delicate and pervasive of the feelings. And also the most independent. Does not matter the weather, the absence, the postponements, the distances, the impossibilities. When there is affinity, any reunion takes up the relationship, the dialogue, the conversation, the affection in the exact spot that it was stopped. “

“…Affinity is no t having time mediating life. It is a victory of guessed on the real. Of the subjective goal. From the subjective to the objective. Of the standing on the passenger. Of basic on the trivial.

Affinity is being away thinking alike about the same events that impress, move or mobilize. It is talking without exchanging words. It is getting what comes from the other with acceptance prior to understanding …

Affinity is to feel with. Not feeling against, nor feeling to, nor feeling for. How many people love madly, but feels against the beloved.
How many love and feel for the loved, not for theirselves. To feel with is not being necessary to explain what one feels. You look and see. It is more silence than talk, or, when speaking, never explaining: just affirming.

Affinity is never to feel for. Who feels for, confuses affinity with masochism. But those who feel with, evaluates without being contaminated. Understands without taking the place of the another. Accepted in order to question. Those who have no affinity question for not accepting.

Affinity is to have similar losses and similar hopes. It is talking in silence, both about the exercised possibilities and the lived impossibilities.

Affinity is resuming the relationship from where you it stopped without lamenting the time a part. Because time and separation never existed. They were only opportunities given (taken) by life, so that the common maturation could happen. And so every person could and may be, the increasing expression of the other in the enlarged form of the refined individual me. “

Affinity is what I felt for this couple. Affinity is what they feel for each other. Affinity is inexplicable and to this photographer, Affinity is always inspiring!

Let them come to me more and more couples like this! Thanks Natália and Lucas for helping me undestand one more feeling!

And here I go with my true search. To feel always more and understand that photography, even though
commercial, is a tool that will make me a better human being.



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